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Valentine’s Day is the day of love, compassion and, if you’re lucky, maybe a little more. What better way to spend V-Day than finally putting aside our differences. To not just be Cadillac lovers, but car lovers too.

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The day started with handwritten love letters sent to our biggest competitors, designed by Mark van Leeuwen.


Then we went took the love fest to Twitter. The first shout-out went to Mercedes-Benz with a poignant plea to make the long distance relationship work. Sadly, Mercedes didn’t feel the same because the impassioned post was met with cruel silence. Ouch.


Sensing the relationship was over, we tossed a top-shelf low-brow pick-up line to BMW. Amazingly, it worked.


Our advances towards Audi and Lexus were rebuffed. Though if we’re honest, Lexus should’ve been well and truly flattered by our comments.


Still looking for love, we tossed a sexy "meow" to Jaguar. That’s when things got weird.


Apparently, we found true love with Jaguar, or at least found something relating to power-sliding. Which ended in a place where all great love stories begin: the DMs. That’s right, folks. Car nudes.

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And just the few lustful Cadillac tweets ended up getting a whole lot of press.

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