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Cadillac Pride

Often, brands try to make Pride Month about themselves. It’s called “rainbow-washing,” and it usually feels shallow and second-thought. So, instead of slapping a rainbow flag onto our logo, we wanted to make something that mattered, something that was useful, to celebrate Pride.

Role: Writer

AD: Jin Park

The Pride Playbill

Over 1,000,000 people saw a Broadway play during July, the month of Pride. And every single one of them left with a Pride flag, courtesy of Cadillac. We turned the back cover of every Playbill that month into the iconic flag to take, celebrate, march, hang up, or do with as they please. This one’s on us.

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Cadillac House, Covered with Pride

Only a short walk from the parade route, we transformed Cadillac House into a pride hub. Everyone was invited to come in, cool off, grab a coffee, or just be.